Rue | your pathway to stylish living

Rue founded in 2010 is to inspire people with interior design ideas and “your pathway to stylish living.”


Rue is targeted to women in their mid-late 20s to their late 30s. This magazine is aimed for the middle to upper class person. As this magazine showcases how to live a lavish lifestyle, the prices that they are advertising for each individual product is not reasonable for a college student, or one looking for a bargain. However, within each bimonthly magazine, there are a couple of articles that show you how to save money while having decorations look more than what they cost. They are low end products, but can look high-end after fixing them up. This magazine showcases ideas of how to take an ordinary item and enhance it to make it look like an expensive item that was bought somewhere else.


Editorial Philosophy:

Rue’s mission statement is, “Rue is your pathway to stylish living. Founded in 2010 as a bimonthly digital interior design magazine, the site has since grown to be your daily source for all things inspiring. Our team is committed to bringing you well-crafted design, effortless entertaining tips, and the products you need to make it all your own. Join us as we empower you to live the most beautiful version of your life.” Its identity is simply an online magazine for interior designing around the house by helping with design and making DIY crafts around the house. It is different from other magazines because it advertises the products they are talking about in each individual article, along with explaining how to have a stylish home with beautiful designs. It’s also different from other magazines because there is always an article about a home tour of a famous designer showcasing different items in each of their houses specifically in particular rooms. There are also slideshows in each article, showcasing photos and items. If you click on an item, there are links to different websites where items are sold or where to enhance the product.

Editorial Formula:

The content that appears in the magazine are home tours, decorating, entertaining, editor’s picks, photo gallery, and the magazine. There is a logic and order to the content because it is easy for the reader to look through. The magazine makes it easier for the reader to navigate, finding and buying items that they are showcasing. It also helps because it shows ideas on improvement. Within each category, there are sub-categories to view different article. Each article has a picture slideshow to showcase what the article is mainly trying to put out.


Rue is a newer, online magazine that was founded in 2010 by Crystal Palacek, who also happens to be the Editor-In-Chief. Rue is a smaller online magazine only made up of eight women. The team, all women, is made up of an Editor-In-Chief, Art Director, Managing Editor, Style Editor, Contributing Editor, Web Coordinator, Graphic Designer, and Publisher.



The design matches its philosophy because it is simple and easy to navigate. There aren’t that many bright colors taking away or distracting someone. However, the website changes its palettes throughout each season. The headline, “Rue Daily” has a gray color scheme and the font is not too distracting.  Each page is a white background and ultimately sophisticated matching the audience it attracts.


Rue uses social media to enhance their business and gain readers from all around the world. As a lifestyle publication, they mainly use Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to gain followers and put out the new articles that come out each month. Along with using social media, Rue also uses picture slideshows and photography to enhance products. These items add more value to a print edition because anyone is able to navigate and follow the magazine on any social site via tablet, phone or computer. This magazine tries to be as accessible as possible to gain readers. There are beautiful photographs for readers to click on under “Photo Gallery.” This gives the reader a selection of what photographs of the type of room decorated and different ideas for what room(s) with decorations instead of having to go through the whole website or look though different magazine issues.


It is extremely easy to navigate this magazine throughout sections because the magazine is divided into six different categories. From home tours to the magazine, this website is thought out because anyone can find a magazine from any month since it was first started, giving each of these readers an easier website to navigate. Within each category, there are sub-categories to help the reader find what they are looking for easier. The best thing about Rue is the conventional way that they are able to show an online version of their bi-monthly magazine to help and want to make the reader look through a magazine if they do not want to look through the website.


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