Ouch, My Legs!


Kaitlin Wynne is a Senior and four year member on the Towson University poms squad. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / TU Student)

She grabs her usual cup of coffee and a half slice of an everything bagel filled with plain cream cheese to prepare for the most intense tryout of the year: Towson University Poms Squad. It is just another beautiful September Saturday morning for any other college student, except for Kaitlin Wynne. Continue reading


Hard Work Pays Off


Drew Cheripko is entering his final year playing for the Towson University football team. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls/Towson University student)

Drew Cheripko, a student at Towson University, is very passionate about football, as he has played as long as he can remember. As a fifth year red-shirt Senior entering his final season on the nationally ranked Towson University football team, he has learned that being determined and learning to manage your time are two of the most important things you need to have as a student athlete. Being dedicated to the Towson University football team and its requirements shows his passion for the sport of football. Even when he goes back home to visit his family on his off days, he religiously works out at Northwest High School, the school that prepped him for his football career.

Student loans and the cost of higher education.

photo 2-2

(Kyle Brown is a coach for the Manchester Farm Swim Team and a recent University of Maryland graduate with a degree in Kinesiology. Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / Towson University Student)

Our generation of students are feeling trapped when it comes to wanting to further their education. As it is a crucial time when wanting to continue your education, it is starting to become more expensive. It is not uncommon for students to have some type of loan; whether it is through the government or a from a private loan vendor.

Listen to this story about a recent graduate from the University of Maryland who may not benefit from President Obama’s new student loan program.


Not your average U.S. Marshal

photo 2

Marshal Michael Hughes was presidentially appointed by President Obama for the Washington D.C. district at Superior Court. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / Towson University Student)


You may mistake him for just another nice man working in a business suit on the streets of Washington D.C. walking a different path. Underneath his suit, this man carries handcuffs, credentials, bullets, and a government-issued glock pistol.

Leaving most of you to wonder who exactly is Michael Hughes, or should I say U.S. Marshal Michael Hughes.

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