One of Maryland’s Best Kept Secrets: North Point State Park

IMG_5110I typed 8400 North Point Rd on my GPS and started driving along I-695 East towards Essex leaving Towson University. Driving along, the windows were down and the sun was beaming its rays down on my skin reminding me that the last few days of summer were approaching and fall would be here sooner. According to my GPS, I was only 10 minutes away from North Point State Park. Continue reading


Not your average U.S. Marshal

photo 2

Marshal Michael Hughes was presidentially appointed by President Obama for the Washington D.C. district at Superior Court. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / Towson University Student)


You may mistake him for just another nice man working in a business suit on the streets of Washington D.C. walking a different path. Underneath his suit, this man carries handcuffs, credentials, bullets, and a government-issued glock pistol.

Leaving most of you to wonder who exactly is Michael Hughes, or should I say U.S. Marshal Michael Hughes.

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