Smithsonian attracts an estimated 6.9 million readers bringing knowledge and popular culture within its articles based on arts, science, history, travel information and culture. Both men and women starting at the age of 50 and up that have an average income of $78,744 read this magazine. The average reader is the age of 56. Smithsonian is published 11 times a year as both a print and digital publication. Established in 1970, there has been an audited circulation of 2,012,681 copies sold. Smithsonian attracts this crowd because it brings intellectual articles mixed in with the popular culture.

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Less than 60 days until UDA.

(Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / TU student)

(Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / TU student)

As their fellow students are preparing to leave campus for the Thanksgiving holiday, these 22 peppy girls are warming up stretching their muscles. Each girl, different in their own way, ranged from freshmen to seniors, short to tall, differing majors and various dance backgrounds.

These girls came together on a Sunday evening at 5:30 p.m. with a specific goal in mind: to win at the 2015 Universal Dance Association collegiate competition. Each girl had a slick tight pulled back bun while wearing a black team top, black spandex shorts and black jazz shoes on. Uniformity was this team’s priority. Continue reading

What the Gluten are you talking about?

The pain that took over my entire body didn’t bother me anymore. Four years of continuous pain made me give up on trying to figure out how I could prevent this pain from occurring. Sharp stomach jabs made me want to throw up. Bloating made me feel as if I had my own personal soccer ball inside my stomach. I felt helpless in my own body as the only thing I wanted to do was sleep; I felt as if I was slowly deteriorating. Continue reading

Ouch, My Legs!


Kaitlin Wynne is a Senior and four year member on the Towson University poms squad. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / TU Student)

She grabs her usual cup of coffee and a half slice of an everything bagel filled with plain cream cheese to prepare for the most intense tryout of the year: Towson University Poms Squad. It is just another beautiful September Saturday morning for any other college student, except for Kaitlin Wynne. Continue reading

Hard Work Pays Off


Drew Cheripko is entering his final year playing for the Towson University football team. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls/Towson University student)

Drew Cheripko, a student at Towson University, is very passionate about football, as he has played as long as he can remember. As a fifth year red-shirt Senior entering his final season on the nationally ranked Towson University football team, he has learned that being determined and learning to manage your time are two of the most important things you need to have as a student athlete. Being dedicated to the Towson University football team and its requirements shows his passion for the sport of football. Even when he goes back home to visit his family on his off days, he religiously works out at Northwest High School, the school that prepped him for his football career.

Not your average U.S. Marshal

photo 2

Marshal Michael Hughes was presidentially appointed by President Obama for the Washington D.C. district at Superior Court. (Photo by: Sylvia Bolls / Towson University Student)


You may mistake him for just another nice man working in a business suit on the streets of Washington D.C. walking a different path. Underneath his suit, this man carries handcuffs, credentials, bullets, and a government-issued glock pistol.

Leaving most of you to wonder who exactly is Michael Hughes, or should I say U.S. Marshal Michael Hughes.

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